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General Forum Usage
Setting and Profile Features
Reading and Posting Messages
YetAnotherForum.NET Help
Private Messages (Messenger)

Registered members may be able to send messages to other members of this forum using the private messaging system (If enabled by the Administrator).

When you receive a Private Message you will be notified in the Forum Header, about how many unread message you have, also a Notification will Pop Up. You can also enable an E-Mail Notification

How do I send Private Messages?

Private messages are similar to emails, but are limited to registered members of this forum. You may be able to include BB code, smilies and images in private messages that you send.
You can send a Private message to a user by clicking on the “PM” Button on the User Profile of the user, or you click on the “New Message” Link in your User Control Panel. The message you send will be stored in the “Sent Items” folder after you send it.

Private Message Folders

Just like an Email Program you have 3 Folders the Inbox, the Sent Items and the Archive Folder...

  • The “Inbox” Folder contains any new messages you receive. It allows you to view all the messages you have received, along with the name of the person who sent it, the subject of the message, and the date and time it was sent.
  • The “Sent Items” copies of all the Private Messages you have sent.
  • The “Archive” folder contains only messages you moved to that folder.

From Each folder you have Options what you want to do with the messages that are in the folder you can simply mark a message and …

  • Archive Selected / Archive All – Move the Message(s) to the archive folder
  • Export Selected / Export All – Export the Message(s) as file (You Can select the export format bellow –XML-/CSV-/Text-File)
  • Delete Selected / Delete All – Delete the Message(s)

Depending on how many Messages you allowed to have you should delete some of them from time (You can export them before you delete them to keep them on your local computer). Otherwise when your Mailbox is full you are not able to receive new messages. On the Bottom you will be informed how many Messages you have and how many you can Maximal have.

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