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Thanks Feature

The 'Thanks' - System is a function that allows you to give back another user a positive feedback, for example he or she has posted a message you find useful or helps you to solve a problem.

How to give a User a Thanks?

If you want to give an User an 'Thank' press the 'Thank' Button inside the Post you want to add it, after that you find your Name in the List of User who gave a Thank at the end of the Message. You can also remove your Thank at any time.

View all Thanks

If you want to view all Posts you gave Thank, or show the list of posts you received thanks got to the page Personal Profile -> 'View Thanks' from within the User Control Panel. There you see Two Tabs...

  • thanked - Shows the List of Messages where you gave a thank.
  • was thanked - Shows the List your Messages where you received thanks.

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